Phillips Family Katahdins

Welcome to Phillips Family Katahdins. We are a family-owned and maintained Katahdin sheep farm located in southwestern Pennsylvania since 2008.

Our goal is to raise healthy sheep that exhibit all the natural, low maintenance traits of the Katahdin breed. Using Estimated Breeding Values (EBV’s) as one of our evaluation tools, we select and breed for fast-growing, heavy muscled lambs. This allows us to market a premium, locally raised meat lamb, and prolific breeding stock.

We love caring for our flock and in return we have happy ewes with vigorous lamb crops.

Meet AMOS!

We are proud to welcome “AMOS” as our newest addition to the herd sire group. Amos comes from the USDA-ARS flock from Booneville, AR. He is a fall 2020 ram with impressive EBV’s and no doubt will produce superior lambs. We look forward to greeting his lambs in March 2022!